A Little Bit O’Bizness…

WDCBJazz_zps3eaf6c3aIf you are a regular listener to the show you know that after the last infamous set of totally funky dance party Jammin’ Jazz, I take care of some bizness. It is so important to get the word out about this stuff and I save it for late night because I do not want to detract from the music. But then I wonder if anyone really hears it…

Basically the rundown is:

  • Jammin’ Jazz is written, produced and performed by me (Michelle Sammartino)
  • You can always see my playlist on this website which I post before the beginning of each and every show and it auto populates to the Facebook page as well.
  • I talk about how wonderful the Facebook page and community are
  • I plug my playlist on Spotify called Saturdays With Michelle (around 18 hours of music that is not just Jazz but anything you would hear if you were hanging with me on a Saturday afternoon)
  • I talk about my love/hate relationship with Spotify and that you should use it as a preview service but ALWAYS ALWAYS PURCHASE your music from the artists directly, and support them by seeing them live as well. No one gives away their work for free and this is how these musicians support themselves and their families. It is how they eat!
  • I mention that I can make it soooo easy for you to purchase music right here on my website by clicking through my Amazon banners, which because I am an affiliate I get a teeny tiny kickback for sending you there… which supports the show and I use to keep me in the music.
  • And lastly I talk about sponsorship for Jammin’ Jazz and that I am open to a working relationship with any like-minded service, product, event or venue. Any level, any amount. Let me give you a little on-air love and in return you help financially support Jammin’ Jazz and keep me in the music.

So there really is a business behind the show, however minimal it may be. But there are many ways you can support the show and it’s artists as I mention above. You can also do your part by telling your friends, sharing this post, and turning people on to this amazing music!

It’s a grassroots effort and nothing is as satisfying as when you work hard for something and it succeeds. I couldn’t do it with you all…

Much love and Jazz….


About Michelle

As a regular host and presenter on XM Satellite Radio’s XM 72 Beyond Jazz Channel, Michelle Sammartino felt the need for a window into the even more current Jazz movement. And so the long running program Jammin' Jazz - Jazz For The New Generation, was born in 2001. Running five times a week Jammin’ Jazz was one of the most popular shows on the channel. It features all that is cool and groovey, and happenin' in Modern Jazz right this minute. Michelle focuses on artists that are currently touring as well as the influences that made them choose this glamorous profession. Jammin’ Jazz features not just new modern Jazz, but the marriage of Jazz and Funk, Jazz and Rock, Jazz and Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop - from New Orleans to New York to Chicago to San Fran to Montreal to Europe to Japan and more. If it is happenin' in the world of Jazz you can find it here.
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