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Ritchie-and-me-fart-faceFor whatever reason I have been once again given this amazing platform to reach the masses and spread the love of Jazz. I am not sure how I found myself worthy of such an honor, but I will take it and run with it! But here’s the thing… I cannot be all places all the time and I know for a fact that there are some fantastic musicians, and incredible music in all these nooks and crannies of the world that neither I or the masses know about.

That is where you come in.

I want you to send me a note, a CD, a link (I can only play .wav files or CDs on the air – no MP3s), a Tweet or a Facebook message, an email… whatever…. and tell me about your nook or cranny. That is how I found the City Champs, Generic Hustle, Ray’s Music Exchange, The Drop Trio… so many badass players. I LOVE  THAT! If I dig it I WILL play it. And I will be happy to tell the world about it. Tell me a story, let me know why you love what it is you love or do what it is you do. I want to hear about it. And I want to get the word out.

I don’t care where you are either. Japan, UK, Oz, the US, Papau New Guinea… again, if I dig it I will play it and I will even give you a shout out.

There are so many talented folks working so hard to make a living out there. Musicians are the hardest working passionate people I know. I am NOT a musician. I am an ultimate fan. But again, I have this amazing platform and I want to do what I can to support this art form and the people who make it possible.

So contact me however you can and let’s see what ya got!

About Michelle

As a regular host and presenter on XM Satellite Radio’s XM 72 Beyond Jazz Channel, Michelle Sammartino felt the need for a window into the even more current Jazz movement. And so the long running program Jammin' Jazz - Jazz For The New Generation, was born in 2001. Running five times a week Jammin’ Jazz was one of the most popular shows on the channel. It features all that is cool and groovey, and happenin' in Modern Jazz right this minute. Michelle focuses on artists that are currently touring as well as the influences that made them choose this glamorous profession. Jammin’ Jazz features not just new modern Jazz, but the marriage of Jazz and Funk, Jazz and Rock, Jazz and Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop - from New Orleans to New York to Chicago to San Fran to Montreal to Europe to Japan and more. If it is happenin' in the world of Jazz you can find it here.
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