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PunksI want to hear from you! Send me a note, some links to music, a CD (shoot me an email and I will give you a mailing addy), a Tweet or a FB message. Tell me about your band, your friend’s band, a local musician, request a tune, give me feedback, or whatever you want to spread the love about! I would LOVE to hear from you!

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14 Responses to Hit Me Up!

  1. Harvey Rubin says:

    Michelle, excited you are back on the air. Russ Davis gave you a plug on MOJA Radio and told everyone to listen to your show.

  2. Paul says:

    Great show tonight (7-8) I was wondering if you can do shows via remote sessions? It would be great to have you on one of the local stations here in NorCal for a couple of hours on Saturday or Sunday nights.

    Paul in Stockton, CA

  3. jason smith says:

    I stumbled onto your show on the way back to Bloomington, IL. I was driving home on I-55 near Bolingbrook from a show in Chicago, and what you were playing made me stop channel surfing and take notice. Unfortunately it was the last song of your show, but it was enuff for me to take notice and look up your site the next morning. THANKS, you made the drive home that much better

  4. Andrew Vopat says:

    I am officially a Jamming Jazz junkie thanks to Michelle! I work Friday night and enjoy your program immensely while I drive. If I could, I wood be dancing on the roof of my car while listening and driving! Thank you for your efforts!

  5. Michelle says:

    So glad you dig it!!! Eyes on the road!!!

  6. Joe Scaglione says:

    What great shows Michelle, you jazz out rock it babe! Hope to meet sometime when our band is full up and at it in Chicago and burbs… Best and keep it going jammin’ jazztastically!!!

    P.S. Also curious to know If you could share some links to jammin’ jazz artists performing in the area…? (or point out did not see on JJ site. Thanks again sweets 😉 Joe

    • Michelle says:

      Hiya Joe, I would love to find a good source for all the local music going on and bring that content into my site. If you know of a good source let me know. And I am always happy to plug music, via the site or the facebook page so let me know when you are playing around town!!!

      • Joe Scaglione says:

        Hey Michelle.. Thanks and sure thing will do. For jazz (or any music) chicagoreader.com for city and burbs is best I know about, you may be able to link just the jazz search section even. Another great show, my sis is in from Cali, turned her on to it tonight, she loves it too!!! Will try to find ya on FB too… Best!!!

      • Joe Scaglione says:

        Here’s another good one to link for Chicago http://www.chicagojazz.com/jazz-calendar

        And there’s always Jambase and Bandsintown of course.

  7. Raymond says:

    Ciao Michelle,
    Glad to hear The Meters are finally getting some recognition. RIP Hugh Masekela.
    Maybe we’ll hear something from both of these artists this Friday 😉

  8. Raymond says:

    Ciao Michelle,

    It gets even better. A woman on my IG feed, (whom I follow because she is a chef and had amazing food and recipe pix), is the daughter of one of The Meters band members. And…her a dad is the guy screaming on the intro to ‘Chicken Strut. This is the shit I love about life and music!

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