Become a beloved Sponsor for Jammin’ Jazz!

FestCollageJammin’ Jazz is a unique program on a very exclusive and educational platform. The Jammin’ Jazz and WDCB audience, typical of public radio station audiences across the country, has some very desirable demographics. Our audience is more highly educated and more affluent than the population in general. They are music lovers who travel to see their favorite bands and attend festivals. Their interests lean more toward upscale activities such as travel, theater, dining out, music gathering and events, financial matters and business related-activities. Additionally, public radio audiences truly appreciate those businesses that support their favorite station and, in our case, the only station in Chicago and on the web that plays their music. After all, thousands of them have expressed their support through membership contributions.

Take Advantage of the Clutter-Free Environment

WDCB Public Radio is commercial clutter-free. We air only a few underwriting messages an hour WDCBJazz_zps3eaf6c3aand never more than two back-to-back. Our audience knows that music is only a minute or two away, and they easily stay tuned during our brief stops. Your message comes through loud and clear, not buried in a group of four to six minute-long commercials, as is often the case in commercial radio. And because WDCB thanks you for your support, our listeners are already predisposed to patronize your business. They know that you support public radio, just as thousands of them do as well.

The Benefit of Sponsoring Jammin’ Jazz Specifically

IMG_1774As stated prior, Jammin’ Jazz is a unique program. Before landing on WDCB Michelle had a long run on the national radio service XM Satellite Radio. MANY of those listeners came with her to WDCB and you have the potential to reach that national (and in some cases International via the web) audience. These listeners range in age from 25 to 70 years old, both men and women. The potential is huge to get the word out about your special something. The common denominator in the Jammin’ Jazz audience is that they are all improvisational music lovers who actively participate in the modern music scene by traveling and attending live music events. Talk about speaking directly to specific ears! Do you have something that is a perfect fit for these listeners? An event, product, service or venue?

Let’s talk!

The WDCB 90.9 FM Chicago and online radio show Jammin’ Jazz is a TWO hour show cut into four 30 minute segments airing at 10PM CST until Midnight on Wednesday nights. Each segment has an intro and outro hosted and voiced by Michelle.

neworleans2Some examples of sponsorship options for as little as $5.00 a WEEK are:

  • Audio-only 20 second  “live reads” that Michelle will read during one or more segments of the show.
  • Segments “brought to you by….”
  • Banner ads on this web site
  • Ads in the show’s email newsletter
  • Tweets and Facebook posts/links about the sponsor
  • Product reviews of sponsor products
  • Contests and giveaways with prizes sponsored by an advertiser

Sponsorship Advertising Packages

Combinations of your selected advertising and sponsorship opportunities can be used to create “Sponsorship Packages” customized to help you get the most exposure to the right ears.

A sample package for $100 per month includes:

  1. “Brought To You By” Audio at  the beginning and end of each show (4-5 per month depending) which includes description of sponsor, contact info and web address.
  2. One :20 “live read” commercial during each hour of the show TBD by host.
  3. Your logo with link on the show’s website.


Design a package that works for you

Your business can support Jammin’ Jazz in whatever way works best for you. We can design a specific package that can run short term or long term, with specific targeting in mind. This  provides a wonderful and inexpensive opportunity to let many thousands of music lovers know about your business. Whatever method you choose to support Jammin’ Jazz, know that your business will benefit from its association with our audience.



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