WDCB Jammin’ Jazz Playlist Show #148 for 11.10.2017

Jammin-Jazz-LogoWDCB Jammin’ Jazz Playlist Show #148 for 11.10.2017

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Set 1:

DJ Williams Projekt– Soul Sold Serperately- Projekt Management
Dave Douglas and Brass Ecstacy – Bowie- Spirit Moves
Bill Frisell – Alias- Unspeakable
Amendola vs Blades– Lima Bean- Greatest Hits

Set 2:

Big Organ Trio – Diva Mode- Big Organ Trio
Ken Field’s Revolutionary Snake Ensemble– Soul Power- Year Of The Snake
Poogie Bell Band– Dark & Happy – Get On The Kit
Takuya Karoda– Zigzagger- Zigzagger
Budos Band – Budos Rising- II

Set 3:

Garaj Mahal- Semos – Woot
Club d’Elf– Hegaz- Live at Club Helsinki
Medeski Martin and Wood– Buster Rides Again- Tonic

Set 4:

Robert Walter – Jan Jan – Spirit of ‘70
Will Bernard – Boomtown – Medicine Hat
Vinyl – Gross Polluter- Flea Market
Galactic – Kid Kenner – Ruckus
Monophonics- Ageless – Into The Infrasounds

About Michelle

As a regular host and presenter on XM Satellite Radio’s XM 72 Beyond Jazz Channel, Michelle Sammartino felt the need for a window into the even more current Jazz movement. And so the long running program Jammin' Jazz - Jazz For The New Generation, was born in 2001. Running five times a week Jammin’ Jazz was one of the most popular shows on the channel. It features all that is cool and groovey, and happenin' in Modern Jazz right this minute. Michelle focuses on artists that are currently touring as well as the influences that made them choose this glamorous profession. Jammin’ Jazz features not just new modern Jazz, but the marriage of Jazz and Funk, Jazz and Rock, Jazz and Soul, Jazz and Hip Hop - from New Orleans to New York to Chicago to San Fran to Montreal to Europe to Japan and more. If it is happenin' in the world of Jazz you can find it here.
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One Response to WDCB Jammin’ Jazz Playlist Show #148 for 11.10.2017

  1. Eddie B says:

    Jamming Jazz kicks major butt! I’ve been a die hard Rock n Roll fan for basically all my life. I started to listen to WDCB about two or three months ago and the first time I heard Jammin Jazz I’ve been hooked. Thank you for broadening my horizons.

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