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Jammin’ Jazz - Jazz For the New Generation


From XM Radio to WDCB and now on KBEM, Michelle (Sammartino) Zeto (me!) has brought this music to you for almost 20 years. Turning you on to music that is JAZZ, but also incorporates FUNK, BLUES, ROCK, PUNK, CLASSICAL, CAJUN and more.

This is music that is happening RIGHT NOW. Strictly playing musicians that are current and doing things to shake up the perceptions of what Jazz is and can be.


The other purpose of the show is to support these artists and musicians in their plight to support themselves. We all know that you can find music all over the place for free. But no one works for free. No one gives away their products and expects to be able to feed themselves. One of the missions of Jammin’ Jazz is to help bring light to the issue of PAYING for music. Whether that is purchasing CDs from the artists themselves or going out there and experiencing live music. Always advocating, I try my hardest to spread the word that the only way to keep these artists creating AND eating, is to pay for their services.

Do your part folks! Go out there and vote for music with your dollars!



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