WDCB 90.9 FM Chicago’s Home For Jazz & Blues

I seriously owe WDCB and station manager Dan Bindert all of my gratitude. After being laid off from XM and failing at launching my own streaming service, and being in the midst of the recession, I had basically given up on doing radio. It was difficult to even find any job let alone one in radio or graphic design.

Then I got an email from Dan Bindert. He said he used to listen to my show on XM and was wondering if I had any interest in doing a show on WDCB. Again my life changed for the better and radio and JAZZ, came back to me. The universe works in mysterious ways…

The show started out on Tuesday nights and after a year or so it moved to a nice spot and it’s current home. Now you can hear Jammin’ Jazz on Chicago’s own Home for Jazz and Blues, WDCB 90.9 FM and wdcb.org every Friday night at 10pm - midnight CST. It is a fantastic way to kick off your weekend and shake off that work week!

The show is also archived every week by a wonderful long time listener Mike Mezzatesta on Mixcloud for you to listen back. 

WDCB History

WDCB 90.9 FM was founded as a 5,000-watt station in late 1977, and its original format was a mix of classical, educational, and news programming. Jazz programming was introduced in the early 1980s and became the primary format by the end of the decade. Since then, WDCB's format has expanded to include roots rock, bluegrass, Celtic, folk, blues, new-age, acid jazz, Afro-Cuban jazz, big band, world music and old-time radio shows, though straight-ahead jazz makes up about 75% of its music programming. The educational programming was dropped in 2001, and classical music continued to be heard on the station on weekends until late 2005. In recent years, some of the more eclectic and niche programming has been phased out for a stronger emphasis on jazz and blues.

Unlike most college-based stations, WDCB-FM is not student-operated, but rather very much professional in design and output. COD students, however, do work at WDCB's offices as aides for limited hours during the week.

WDCB is Listener Supported and is comprised of listeners who make the commitment to support WDCB with an annual financial contribution. Your support of WDCB is critical to keep us providing the many services that our listeners have come to rely on.

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